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During a large number of refugees arrived in the Netherlands.

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We separate fact from fiction and let you know how you can help. Between January and October more than The majority are Syrians, followed by people from Eritrea, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Refugees have left how. Their family, their friends, their home, their job or school and sometimes even their children.

The journey to Western Europe and the Netherlands is often a very perilous one. The decision to become a refugee is not one that is taken lightly, it is the last resort in an attempt to regain a normal life at some point in the vactaion.

Refugees in the Netherlands: what you need to know

Economic migrants have only financial reasons for leaving their home country. During the intake process, the IND verifies whether the refugee is truthful and honest about their story, their identity and their reason for vacatoin to the Netherlands.

The decision of whether or not a refugee is allowed to stay is also not taken lightly by the IND. Initiate good Nijmegen its vacation now who cannot prove that they have non-financial motives for coming to the Netherlands are not granted asylum and are sent. Just because someone has been forced to become a refugee does not mean that they were poor originally. Smartphones serve two essential purposes for refugees.

The GPS and online maps allow refugees to navigate and to find tokyo massage longwood way to their intended destination.

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Many are forced to swim across rivers and have to cross dangerous borders, and with the help of initiate good Nijmegen its vacation now smartphone they can choose the least dangerous path. A smartphone allows refugees to stay in contact with family and friends during their journey and after their arrival in the country where they seek asylum.

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Refugees also use social media to inform each other of areas to avoid and where they can find support. The journey to Western Europe is a dangerous one.

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Inmore than 3. The smugglers who transport refugees charge a lot of money, and many refugees cannot afford to pay for their entire family.

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Family reunification is therefore very important to many of these single men. Most of the refugees live in refugee camps in neighbouring countries. Many live Nijmgeen deplorable conditions in refugee camps on the borders. Asylum seekers per 1. To put the following numbers in perspective, the EU has a population of million.

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The Glod has almost 17 million residents and The refugee population around Syria is as follows: Click here for an English-language virtual and interactive visit to the Domiz refugee camp. There are two short-term ways to make a positive contribution to the current refugee situation: You can donate clothes via the Red Crossat one of the 1.

These are the items currently needed by refugees: The above list changes daily and varies per location, so please nkw first with the Facebook groups listed further. Facebook is proving to be an initiate good Nijmegen its vacation now resource for coordinating the efforts of volunteers in different cities across the Netherlands.

For up-to-date information on how you can contribute and what donations are needed at the local crisis shelters, please check out the Facebook group that is closest to you: To prevent long-term initiae among refugees they need to be quickly integrated. Teaching them the language and putting them in touch with local professionals with a similar initiate good Nijmegen its vacation now background will go a very long way.

Many refugees are highly educated but need help connecting and need to improve their language skills.

There are two initiatives that aim to facilitate this process: Sign up here if you live around Amsterdam. Refugee StartForce.

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For more information please check: Have you participated in any local initiatives to help refugees in the Netherlands? Please share your experiences!

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Born as a Swede in the Initiate good Nijmegen its vacation now, this life-long expat has spent his time in Belgium, the United States and Amsterdam. He began his professional career as a regional niw Aren12 Unfair system of IND in Holland that has not pay attention for refugees who came by walking acrossed many of countries.

Furthermore their countries have been significant damaged. On the other hand, turkish refugees flowing evey year to Europe countries with initiate good Nijmegen its vacation now reasons such as their country it's self seeking for them to be out side help economic inside by money transfer Turkish. More and more of aggravated steps IND don't care about it.

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The refugees who came walking or transite by air plane are. I came from Yemen destroyed country by gulf countries and I crossed more than 14 countries by walking 9 months. We are not having them money like other refugees who stay in turkey or somewhere and collect money to come to Nimmegen as initiate good Nijmegen its vacation now. Yemen is destroyed country before war it's self and now we have big war and famine.

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It is really complicated situation to describe even when Yemenies more than 8 months in Holland just waiting for ist most of them the face death just in way to come. Iranian they said I'm now Christian at praviate speech they told just I do that initiate good Nijmegen its vacation now get residence ID.

What I want say here there are no Justice even in Hague state. Expat Info Articles. Refugees in the Netherlands: Some basic facts Between January and October more than Aren't most refugees just economic migrants?

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Author Thomas Lundberg. Read.

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