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This is a teaser for the full game. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.DarkSunPictures.DarkSun&hl=en (Paste as new link in browser.)Dark Sun is a psychedelic RPG space shooter where you cruise through breathtaking stellar clusters, mow down rows of incredible starships, and meet awe inspiring life forms - at the point of a gun. Significant cut scenes and high-end animation created over four years hearkening to the days when arcade games were actually fun. You play as a deep cover P'rekthr'i [Prek-t-h-ree] operative, a tiger alien, with a wiped memory, and a highly distinguished service record, suddenly thrown to the front lines of the Draconis Constellation. Your mission is to figure out who you are, who's who, and how best to proceed with the objectives of all the secret Orders, shadowy organizations within the Republic... err Empire pursuing their own goals.


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Rating: 4.0/5